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The Obi Wan to your Luke Skywalker and the original Trailblazer story

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

There is a story that has been handed down through time.

Through thousands of generations and with as many iterations as you can imagine.

It’s the story of the Hero’s Journey… the story of the Trailblazers of the world.

You’ve seen it portrayed in Hollywood hits and it’s been told around every tribal campfire, all the way down to your grandfather’s fishing stories.

Did you think these are just fables and fantasy?

They are anything but that…

These are the stories of people just like YOU.

Maybe a different time or place, slightly embellished and with some supernatural forces...however the essence is the same. 

It’s the journey of an unsuspected underdog. Their coming of age and development of profound skill in the face of certain doom and challenges far beyond their current capacity.

You know in your heart that they will prevail against these odds, but the cost is so high, and the path is so unclear, that you still doubt the outcome.  

In almost every way, these stories hold metaphors that relate to the entrepreneur’s journey.

Entrepreneurship is uncharted territory.

It’s fraught with uncertainty, disappointment and seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s a blend of having to use intuition, grit, and creativity. And you always have to keep leveling up, or else you’ll fail. It’s simultaneously all business and all personal. There’s almost no dividing line. Your business is a reflection of you, in all its glory and dismay. It’s hard. The marketplace battles seem to be validations or contradictions of personal sentiments and emotions. If you’re an entrepreneur like us you may be feeling the weight of these realities:

  • It’s all up to YOU

  • Your family, employee’s, and customers are relying on you to pull it together

  • Your intuition guides you and tricks you at the same time but it’s all you have to use to navigate the uncertain decisions you face 

When you’re out there pursuing the vision, and sometimes you look back and it seems like no one else is following you… We are. You face trials, tribulations, victory and despair all for the pursuit of something greater. And in the darkest hours of entrepreneurship… We are here for you.  We can’t promise you success in your endeavors- that part is up to you. But… we can promise you unwavering support and reliability. We’ve designed Trailblazer Financial Planning to support you on your Hero’s Journey of Entrepreneurship…

  • We’re the Obi Wan to your Luke

  • The Morpheus to your Neo

  • The Samwise to your Frodo

  • The Dumbledore to your Harry Potter

We know how hard it is to grow a business, while trying to raise a family and keep yourself together because we’ve done it. We’re doing it.

You’re going where no one has gone before (in a sense). And you’ll face tests that only you’ll know how to deal with when they arise. But we’re here to help prepare you, support you, and encourage you all the way. Luckily you don’t have to take a red or blue pill, travel to a far-off land, or be in the depths of despair for our guidance… All you have to do is pick up the phone or email us. We’ll respond in 24 hours. It’s our promise. If you’d like to explore your options please book a short, complementary call with us. And take this mantra with you into battle today… Follow your vision, and the people will follow.


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