• Jonathan Vogel

Are you sure you're heading in the right direction?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Envision a road you know really well.

Maybe it’s the one you live on or that leads you to work or a family member’s house.

Think about all the landmarks– the trees, houses, twists, turns and stops.

I bet you can you see and feel all the subtle nuances of driving it as you read this.

Now, imagine you’re at the top of a mountain looking down on that road, seeing it from a

bird’s eye view a hundred miles in each direction.

Does it look the same? Is it actually laid out they way you thought? Are the landmarks in the same sequence and position?

Probably not…

I live at the top of a mountain in Bluff Park. When I go running, I often stop at an overlook on Shades Crest Road and see the roads, neighborhoods, golf course, and train tracks in the valley below.

I‘ve driven those roads and passed those landmarks a thousand times. I know them well.

But when I look out over the valley with that bird’s eye view, the actual position of all the landmarks and twists and turns are so different from when I’m driving them. It’s almost like I’m looking at a different place altogether.

Both perspectives are equally real and important but both perspectives share different


This is so much like our financial picture.

We are constantly driving the same roads of our daily financial routine.

We pay bills, money comes in and money goes out and we feel like everything’s covered because it’s familiar.

It’s routine and we can almost do it with our eyes closed. The familiarity comforts us.

But if you never take a step back and get a view from above, how can you be sure you're heading in the right direction?

See, the financial planning process helps take you or your business out of the weeds for a while, so you can get a more objective view from the top.

We can help you look at the financial roads you drive every day and lay them out in accurate positions on the larger financial map of your life.

Are the roads you’re driving everyday actually taking you where you want to go?

Would a view from the top give you a different perspective?

We can help.

Just book a short call and let’s get acquainted. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole new perspective to gain.