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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

If you’ve ever…

  • Wanted a clear and simple roadmap to help you reach you goals

  • Needed someone to help you connect all the dots of a scattered financial situation

  • Would like someone to give you SPECIFIC advice relevant to YOUR situation

Then a Financial Planning Based Relationship could be a good place land.


Imagine you get the opportunity to design and build your dream home.

Where is it? How many square feet? How many bedrooms? What’s the yard like? Is there a pool or wrap around porch? Imagine anything…

Who would be the first professional you’d consult with to get started?

The window guy? The interior designer?... the Architect?

The Architect…Obviously.

You could pick out every door, window, cabinet, and fixture and have them ready to install, but without talking to the architect first, those pieces wouldn’t come together correctly.

The architect aligns your vision with a realistic plan to help make it a reality.

In a similar way, engaging in a Financial Planning Based relationship can help you design a plan that could bring your financial dreams to life.

By having a comprehensive and well-designed blueprint, you see the step-by-step processes and metrics you’ll need to build your framework for success.

Without the due diligence done in comprehensive financial planning, you may be left to “shoot from the hip” when it comes to making the most informed financial decisions.

Do you really want to just work on a hunch with something as important as your financial wellbeing?

The most common misunderstanding I run into about our services is defining what “Financial Planning” actually is.

While insurance and investment-based recommendations are so common and critically important to the foundation of any financial plan, they are only components of a much bigger picture.

And that picture is offered in a comprehensive financial plan.

Addressing the whole as well as the parts gives you a unified strategy and clear understanding around what you’re doing…or need to do.

And if you’ve already started with things like saving, investing, or purchasing insurance, but don’t feel like you’ve developed a real strategy to coordinate them with the bigger picture, then we can help.

What does that relationship look like?

  • Fiduciary – We put our client’s interests first

  • Comprehensive – Covering the whole scope of your financial wellbeing

  • Transparent & Fee Based – You pay for the design, our advice, and on-going service. Not just a product.

Read more about why you need a personal financial consultant.

Even if it’s not a fit for you right now, there’s always a way to get started – just take a second to book a call with me.

If you’d like to dive deeper, connecting with me is quick and it could be one of the most valuable things you do for yourself.

Looking forward to helping you put a “blueprint” together.

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