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Do squirrels really forget where they bury their nuts?

Do squirrels really forget where they bury their nuts??

You may have heard this before, but is it actually true?

Turns outs, the answer depends on what type of squirrel you're talking about.

Working from home this spring I noticed a lot of squirrels scratching about in my lawn and I got to thinking… and googling….

Do squirrels really forget where they bury their nuts?

Well it turns out, if it's a Grey Squirrel, the answer is YES, they often DO forget where they bury their nuts.

But not Red Squirrels. They actually pile all their nuts in one place and go back to it whenever they need.

Apparently Red Squirrelsadapt better to changing landscapes than Grey Squirrels.

Simply by knowing where they put their nuts, Red Squirrels get what they need without spending time searching for old cashes of nuts or trying to forage for new ones.

Or better said–they don't have to redo work they’ve already done.

It’s a form of organizing their “squirrel finances.”

This saves them valuable time and energy that they can put it into other chasing girl squirrels or scurrying across your roof at 5am.

Now, we’re not implying that you should “put all your nuts in one basket” or that the Grey Squirrel strategy doesn’t have its place. Because it does–it’s similar to diversifying your investments.

But when it comes to organizing the information and having a unified plan for those “nuts,” the Red Squirrel strategy can teach us something.

It’s important to know exactly where you’ve stashed all your “financial nuts.”

You don’t want to spend your valuable time trying to remind yourself what you have, who it’s with or what file drawer the statements are in.

It’s easy to get all financially fidgety just like the Grey Squirrel—burying your “nuts” all over the yard throughout the years—buying a product here, or making an investment there….

So we try to help you take a RED SQUIRREL APPROACH to organizing your finances.

And then… making a PLAN for them.

(There are a lot of folks out there who bought products but never made a plan.)

Our Personal Financial Consultant Program can help you bring it all together so you DON’T forget WHY you’re doing something or WHERE it is.

And even if you do… Everything is in one “pile” nicely organized and accessible through this technology platform. You can view it all online or on your smart phone instead of keeping it strewn about the house or buried in a drawer somewhere.

There is an unintended benefit for the Grey Squirrel’s lost nuts though—it helps diversify the tree population.

So that's a positive for the trees and the rest of us. Just not the squirrel that loses his nuts.

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