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Opposites Attack

Here’s a story of two spouses. – I’ll call them Dave and Abby.

When it comes to finances, Dave’s philosophy is: “Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die!”

He’s a live-in-the-moment, have fun, “I’ll get the tab” kind of guy.

Abby’s financial philosophy is: “If you’re failing to prepare, then you’re preparing to fail.”

Abby likes to plan, check the boxes, and takes on a lot of the day-to-day financial responsibilities of their household. Without her, the ship would sink and a guy like Dave would probably be living in squalor or behind on taxes – he knows this, and she reminds him of it. 😂

Abby appreciates Dave’s spontaneity and his “live a little” care-free attitude – it’s why she married him. He helps her loosen up the reigns and enjoy life more often.

The kids love the adventures their Dad comes up with and the fact he’s an easy sell when they need money for clothes or ice cream.His family trips?

Well… Let’s just say if it were up to him, it would be, “let’s see where the wind takes us!”

“Oh this looks like a good place to stop!”

Let’s be fair, in a way he’s right – WHY NOT have your fun NOW? Why plan and sacrifice fun things today, when so much of life is uncertain? Shouldn’t you just go with the flow and leave room for the unexpected?

While that viewpoint is valid, no one would be having ANY fun if it weren’t for Abby. Without her the ball would get dropped, the bank account emptied, and the bills would pile up.

Abby’s ability to stay on top of things, keep organized, and plan for the future means they can keep the ship afloat and keep Dave’s adventures going, and he really appreciates her for that.

But being so focused on planning and having control comes at a cost…

Her family trips? The grueling and rigid schedule on vacations are so hard on them. The kids cry and Dave can't wait to get back to work.

They’re a good balance for one another and there’s a deep appreciation of each other’s qualities – outside of the finances.

While they both contribute income to the household, their financial philosophies create a real tug of war in their marriage.

Somehow, they stick together and don’t fight so much over money…(anymore).

How can our firm help in a situation like this?

A financial plan.

It creates a balance between these two opposing philosophies.

A financial plan is specifically designed with Dave and Abby's unique needs, priorities and hopes for today and the future.

Dave and Abby get a written report with specific metrics and action items to help them stay on target all while being supported and guided by a “on-call” advisor to help them implement the plan throughout the year...

...and someone who can be a financial referee if things get heated.🔥🚒

This can allow them to feel confident that they’re not missing the “serious stuff,” while they’re enjoying the “fun stuff.”

Abby gets peace of mind and a sense of control. It lightens the load of her day-to-day tasks and without the stress of having to manage it all… “Abby is a LOT more fun!” (Says Dave.)

For Dave, he gets peace of mind AND he doesn’t have to feel guilty about enjoying life, being spontaneous and spending money on the ones he loves - because he has a specific amount allocated to “JUST BEING DAVE!”

The outcome:

TODAY is being HANDLED...

...the FUTURE is being PLANNED...

...still leaving enough left over to EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY.

There’s plenty to stress about in a family but let’s not make it the bank account.

If this resonates with you or someone you know, let’s connect. Scheduling a call takes less than a minute. Calls are always confidential and complimentary.

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